Executive Steering Meeting 2


221 Michigan, Ste 501, Conf Rm 5502


Executive Steering Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Gwen Sandefur, Darryl Elmouchi, Matthew Cox



Donald Bellefeuille, Ryan Hullinger, Rulon Stacey, Paula Buick, Kim Way, Kaitlin, Mike Romano, Nico Bracco



Lindsley Withey, Sushil Bose




Meeting Notes

Work plan: Schedule is on track.

System Master Planning Principles:  Question posed to the leadership group: Confirm reason why providing healthcare service in settings as close to the patient was  ranked last?  It was mentioned this would be discussed throughout the meeting.  An overarching goal.

Bed Need Scenario Modeling: 

  • Planning team indicates that there should be a larger mix of ICU beds based on other facilities across the country. Blodgett should be a step-down facility including observations. Evaluate Butterworth needs to increase ICU. 

  • ALOS- assumption was that this would decrease from 4.0 to 3.7.  There was no scenario where LOS was flat.  Spectrum Health leadership to confirm if this is appropriate.

  • Spectrum Health is currently studying 6 South to address converting med/surg beds to ICU beds; this would get them from 72 to 84 ICU beds and would alter their % distribution of ICU beds.

  • Need more analysis with LOS.  System is focused on OP growth and digital - not IP growth. Planning team to include analysis to push OP vs IP across the system and a shift to digital.  Provide digital shift organizational plan to planning team.

  • Regional initiatives:  a) Medical staff development plan in progress.  Forward staff develoment plan to planning team, b) Tele hospitalist program with video admissions, c) Tele consults and triage system like Cleveland clinic, d) 2019 data has been different from 2018 data from Freeman White study.  Planning team to do comparison of the 2019 data once received to determine if there would be an impact on the beds.

  • Value based markets:  Planning team to look at comparative markets, show examples on the shift to OP and apply to Spectrum Health as scenarios.

  • Planning team to incorporate Lakeland data-set into the analysis and think about the OP component.

  • Ortho will likely go to OP surgery center from Blodgett in the next two years.  Planning team to study Blodgett as a general/medical and digestive service lines campus.

Emerging Themes from Interviews and Site Visits:

  • Real estate footprint seems over-sized.  Need to right-size the platform and demolish some assets.

  • It is a given / agreed-to get out of semi-private rooms.  Butterworth West Bldg. beds to be relocated.

  • Regional markets and MOBs: All locations are different, serving different markets and missions.  Need to determine common strategy.

  • Helen DeVos Children’s has a broader market. Brandi...