Executive Steering Meeting 3


221 Michigan, Ste 501, Conf Rm 5502


Executive Steering Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Gwen Sandefur, Darryl Elmouchi, Matthew Cox , Leslie Flake, Brian Brasser, Loren Hammel



Donald Bellefeuille, Paula Buick, Kim Way, Nico Bracco



Mike Romano, Rulon Stacey, Lindsley Withey, Sushil Bose



Meeting Notes

Work plan: Schedule is on track.

System Master Planning Principles: Ensure that the System Master Plan Guiding Principles are referenced in all scenarios and that the scenarios adhere to the principles.

Market Scenario Template:

Understand physician development plan definitions and validate numbers (re: growth vs. turnover). Ensure that all facility plans take into account the physician development work. 

"Think outside in": SH will grow where people are by integrating virtual health plan into facility plans and putting locations in convenient places, not just where SH facilities have always been. 

Repeat inpatient analysis for outpatient services. Strategy Team is developing new model of care for the regionals. 

Current Reed City facility is not supporting the operating model and needs to be made more efficient. Due to critical access status, it needs to be renovated internally to create a micro-hospital with shared staffing. Follow-up with micro-hospital team. Ferris State offers opportunity to Partner with Ferris State Community College on Pharmacy Program.


More likely to be a home for lower acuity services than a center of excellence. OB will never be at Blodgett. Transportation services to shuttle patients between Blodgett and Butterworth need to be developed. (Brian has been in discussion with ambulance service.)

What is the right size for Blodgett given the market and market share growth? Which services are strongest there when outpatient is also considered?

Incorporate Orthopedic ASC work: Ambulatory surgery will move into JV ambulatory surgery center with four ORs and shelled space for four more ORs.

Medical Mile:

Parking is the most important problem to solve first on Medical Mile, before choosing hotel location, etc. 

Ambulance and loading dock solution is very important; they are currently entangled. 

Hotel, from a cost perspective, may be able to be completed simultaneously with other high priority items if an RFP is sent out. This enables Spectrum to do more things at once. 

Ensure there is sufficient resident clinic capacity in the plan.

NEXT STEPS: 1) Brian Brasser to bring regional market scenarios to regional leaders to review. Navigant / NBBJ should partake in monthly regional strategy meeting. 2) Follow-up on intricacies of physician development plan 3) Alan Kranzo will share residency clinic plan with NBBJ / Navigant. 4) Matt and Alan are to set up meeting with City.

NEXT MEETING:   Core Meeting Week of September 30, 2019