Executive Steering Meeting 4


221 Michigan, Ste 501, Conf Rm 5502


Executive Steering Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Gwen Sandefur, Darryl Elmouchi, Matthew Cox , Leslie Flake, Brian Brasser, Daniel Bacchiocci



Donald Bellefeuille,Ryan Hullinger, Nico Bracco



Mike Romano, Rulon Stacey, Lindsley Withey, Sushil Bose




Meeting Notes

Work plan: Schedule is on track.

Workshop agenda:

Regional leaders are very pragmatic about their needs and know they need to be more affordable and efficient; pressing service line leaders for more telemedicine. Regional boards are aware of hospitals that may be facing big changes.

Everything should be presented as an option, not a recommendation


Need to consider which types of beds may need to be added there. Parking solution is needed. Determine future OR need and where ortho ASC will be (e.g. South Pavilion?)


230 Michigan / ICU: In order to make 8th floor an ICU, need a solution for Cardiothoracic structural heart. Need to show how they can fit into existing admin space and pitch this idea to them. They currently own the condos. Have a vested interest in new ICU beds.

NICU: West is working currently but bursting at the seams. Need to expand 10th floor by moving out OP, then west building will need to come down. 11th floor does not have enough room for a NICU. Need to meet with Bob and Sherry about split levels of NICU in HDVCH


Put definition of tier 1,2,3 etc. on slides. Future of west pavilion needs to be determined now. Create prioritized matrix of leases with buy, build or re-lease.


Buildings are in such poor shape that we cannot get physicians to facility; need to update in order to repatriate patients

In the future, ambulatory care doesn’t need to be on a small hospital campus

For all regional acute care facilities, the micro-hospital footprint needs to be tested while still retaining CAH status. Gerber has a beautiful ED with 15 bays; could half be converted to IP beds so an ED doc can manage the house? Goal is to be so efficient that we do not need cost-based reimbursement to maintain margins.