Executive Steering Meeting 5


221 Michigan, Ste 501, Conf Rm 5502


Executive Steering Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Brian Brasser, Leslie Flake, Gwen Sandefur,



Donald Bellefeuille, Nico Bracco, Kim Way



Lindsley Withey



Meeting Notes

Workplan updates:

a) The project has completed phase 1 with activities specific to market and data analysis, facilities assessments, visioning and requirements. We are now into phase 2 for activities related to
scenario development and partially into phase 3 for refinement of scenarios.

b) Regional Workshops have been completed which resulted in no significant changes in scenario development direction from what has been previously presented.

c) Schedule a session with Darryl and Suzette to explore additional ambulatory options in the Grand Rapids Outer core.

d) Schedule service line feedback sessions.

Project Budgets:

a) Types of projects identified: Consolidation, hospital improvement, Infrastructure and parking.

b) Items not included in project costs include: lease termination, financial costs, major medical equipment.

c) Consider staffing as a component for establishing budgets.

d) Pennock may have funding currently available since they have been efficient with fund spending prior to acquisition and have current subsidies.

e) As the budgets develop, prioritization of critical projects per regionand associated budgets needs to be emphasized.

f) Establishing Real Estate purchase recommendations is a priority due to timelines.

g) Facility Condition Assessment to have less reference to elective "cosmetic" projects and instead make reference to system branding alignment for a safe environment.

h) Types of projects identified: Consolidation, hospital improvement, Infrastructure and parking.

Facility specific discussions:

a) Ludington: New model of IP care is needed. Currently have licenses for 49 beds, however there is too much space as volume is trickling to Muskegon and many patients travel to Grand

b) Lakeland: Close Lakeview facility.

c) Fremont: Tammarack is a "must have" for Spectrum as it drives population health strategy. Discussions regarding a new Helipad need to be re-visited. Connectivity between Med/Surg and
ED needs evaluation.

d) Pennock: Projects related to Imaging , CT are currently underway. Building 5 will likely be torn down in a few years. If services are moved, how will contracting change? What would a
microhospital look like here?

e) Zeeland: Currently have a CON for OR. Remove ASC option from list.

f) Grand Rapids: Include vertical parking expansion in building 6 and do more facilities investigations into west building.

Financial Projection:

a) Consider repatriation to regionals.

NEXT STEPS: 1) Schedule meetings with CSL dyads and primary care (Darryl and Suzette).

NEXT MEETING: December 19, 2019