Executive Steering Meeting 8


221 Michigan, Ste 501, Conf Rm 5502


Executive Steering Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Gwen Sandefur, Darryl Elmouchi, Matthew Cox , Leslie Flake, Brian Brasser, Daniel Bacchiocci, Nick Ullery



Donald Bellefeuille,Ryan Hullinger, Nico Bracco, Erika Myszynski, Kim Way



Mike Romano, Lindsley Withey



Meeting Notes

SMP Summary: The meeting opened up with an overall review of how the draft paln meets Spectrum Health's strategic goals and project objectives. About one hundred forty individual projects have been identifed grouped into about forty initiatives worth $3B over ten years.

Scenario Review: Moderate and aggressive scenarios were reviewed and the Executive Steering Committee made adjustments to the overall timeline resulting in a final draft scenario.

Adjustments are noted in the Next Steps section below.

Additonal Notes:

NBBJ/Guidehouse will need 30-45 days to finish final report.

Add DRAFT to all slides going forward until final approval by the System Board.

Merge Medical Center language regarding strategic goals with the larger strategic goals to ensure ‘systemness’ is reflected.

Change the vision to be in alignment with the most recent vision statement. Spectrum needs to move to 20% ICU mix at Butterworth.

Ensure that an employee’s gym is reflected in the plans.

Connected hotel is off-balance sheet, do before 2022 (will be a different contractor, financed separately- shouldn’t impact other projects).

Market leaders agree with the regional prioritiues as presented at the Market Leaders meeting.



Prepare Executive Summary to be used for the Medical Group, Hospital Board meetings, both in April, and the System Board in June

Accelerate the following items on the Roadmap:

New Hotel - 2020-21

Big Rapids primary care clinic -2022, with volume trigger (7 patients per day) Ludington renovate acute care beds - 2020

Unhide all projects on the Roadmap because they were deemed as leases (leases are capital)

Provide dates for all in-flight projects and executive sponsors Add the Priority Health building in GRR to the inflight projects

Add additional land purchases to the land acquisition list Medical mile gas station

320 Michigan (risk and compliance office)

Create a comprehensive list for 2020 purchases - CTI, Fuller, and West Pavilion

March 25 ESC meeting Implementation, timing, and planning

Different way of working: Combined project implementation Rough staffing plan (internally need 2 more FTE's)

Detail what is launched by month or quarter