Core Team Meeting 12


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Brian Brasser



Donald Bellefeuille, Eileen Trimbach, Kim Way



Sushil Bose, Kaitlin Wolcott



Meeting Notes

Reviewed the ESC agenda. It will use Big Rapids/Reed City as a template of how all other campuses will be presented (market strategy, facility overview & options) . Medical mile option for
growth will be presented by NBBJ and include options alignment with various platform growth being discussed.

Ortho ASC will be developed but will not be located at Blodgett, location has not been determined. Alan K. will forward a high level analysis of ortho ASC to planning team. Impact of ASC
on decompression of Blodgett and Butterworth in relation to beds and incorporate in 5 year bed need.

Brian would like to understand how the master plan anticipates that this master plan will help inpatient care base model of care such as on-stage/off-stage. Plannning team will be able to
articulate/expressed in departmental SF.

Medical staff development plan is still needed by the planning team. Alison McCarthy to send the information to Alan.

Bed study Information of Freeman White -Planning team need access of preliminary look at regional campuses. Alan will provide document.

First floor - Retail Alley strategy is being studied. For example: what should it look like such as amenities and how staff and visitors should connect. Strategy of certain retail elements to be
accessible. How it fits into the master plan. It will be addressed as part of medical mile. West wing fate will also be part of scenario discussion.

ESC AGENDA should include clearly what to expect for the October 25 ESC meeting re: where exactly we are going, next steps slide on the deck.

Friday present the PPT to Alan 9:00 or 9:30 am. Include the planning team in review. Send it end of day Thursday to Alan prior to the call. PPT will be sent to ESC team on 9/20 1:00 pm

NEXT STEPS: Forward ESC PPT to Alan on Thursday 9/19, Review ESC PPT with Alan on Friday 9/20, Send ESC PPT to Execs on 9/20 EOD.