Core Team Meeting 13


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Brian Brasser, Mike Romano



Donald Bellefeuille, Kim Way



Sushil Bose, Kaitlin Wolcott



Meeting Notes

Finalized Meeting List

a. May need to follow up w/ BarlowMcCarthy after Meeting on Thursday w/ Suzette (10/10) - Alan will schedule

b. Blodgett Summit- Brian would like to review deck ahead of time for initial review, and then get to rest of meeting attendees before 10/15

c. Individual Regional Meeting (10/29 & 10/30 @ Grand Rapids)- Set up "War Room"

Data elements still needed for Lakelands will be covered onsite

Reviewed Grand Rapids Deck (Meeting Duration: 1 hour)

a. Indicate that we have been working with Exec Team/Steering committee (with Gwen representing regionals) 

and that we have not reached Options Phase yet, still looking for input from group

b. Cover Grand Rapids with all inpatient/outpatient sites, not just the Medical Mile

c. Review with group the assumptions for each market and ask for any other major issues each market leader is facing

End of Session on Thursday- Preview materials for Steering Committee Next Week with Brian and Alan