Core Team Meeting 16


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Brian Brasser, Mike Romano, Patrick Mckown, Daniel Bacchiocchi



Donald Bellefeuille, Kim Way, Eileen Trimbach, Ryan Hullinger



Kaitlin Wolcott, Lindsley Withey



Meeting Notes

Remaining analyses

a. Create post-acute section

b. Retail strategy: Need a slide on what the first floor of Butterworth should be. Have a Meijer pharmacy and have invested a lot in the grill. How much do we want to invest knowing this could compete for OP ambulatory and that the longer-term retail strategy for medical mile is still being determined?

c. Nearing approval for first floor discharge lounge "Almost home" in the bottom of Meijer Heart

d. Imaging data review: CON is a concern with underutilized MR in Lemmon Holton

Grand Rapids Meeting

a. Similar to the initial regional meeting, go around the room and ask each leader what is on their mind and what their priorities are

b. Wednesday night dinner will be catered on 3rd floor of Brassworks

c. Use discussion to have a refined, solutions-focused space / discussion on Thursday

d. Take Grand Rapids off the workshop website

ICC space in GR

a. Are we covering the 4 regions sufficiently? What percent of the population are we able to core with our primary care? Do we have the facilities but not the docs?

b. Is there a need for an ICC in the northwest? Did we build them in the wrong place? There is a lot invested in the east and south, but what about everywhere else?

c. Many PCPs are in the downtown - can we move some within the "donut"? Some PCPs may be open to this - they may be able to practice closer to home

d. How else can we create access? E.g. Consider a walk-in clinic in Wyoming?


Prepare and send Nov. 25th ESC agenda

NEXT STEPS: Send Nov 25th ESC agenda; update on Lakeland data
NEXT MEETING: Core Team November 11th; possible touch base on "one-off" analyses later this week