Core Team Meeting 17


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Brian Brasser, Patrick McKown, Daniel Bacchiocchi, Mike Romano



Donald Bellefeuille, Kim Way, Ryan Hullinger



Kaitlin Wolcott, Lindsley Withey, Sushil Bose



Meeting Notes

Upcoming 11/25 ESC meeting slides discussion:
a) Master Plan Budget: The budget approach is in progress. The budget needs to provide clarification of what is included. Omit budget amounts until after it gets
reviewed by Alan, Brian and the planning team.

b) Main message of the ESC will focus on showing the initiatives that came out of the workshops. These initiatives will need to be vetted by the executives. The
planning team is to provide a final draft of initiatives by region to be vetted by executives.
i. Express challenges and various options on how to solve, by market. However, not ready to provide specific recommendation

ii. Due to limited time, request if there's a specific market focus preference from the execs, otherwise focus on GR and donut.
iii. Medical Center has enough data to get started on prioritization to help unlock basic targets.
iv. Consider refinement of wording for re-use to better align as organizational branding priorities.

a) Financial Impact:
i. Scenarios consist of 2 slides of examples of methodologies to estimate financial impact.
i. Financial ROI currently focuses on facts for prioritization within and across markets and will need specific thresholds from the organization to help indicate
specific ROI.

Miscellaneous questions/discussions needing organizational input:
a) Role of telehealth for specialty access in regions.

b) Benchmark threshold for growth to help indicate return on investment (ROI).
c) How flexible is the excess capacity in ICC for new growth?

Horizontal Strategy:

a) Meaning of "Horizontal Strategy" as explained by Brian: "What will the markets be when they grow up and what will contribute to it".

b) Horizontal strategy to be an agenda item for the December ESC meeting conversation.

c) The planning team is to evaluate horizontal strategy in terms of optimal footprint size of ambulatory facilities. A recent lesson learned are ICC's that were built
too large. This subject also needs to take into account the impact of virtual health on brick and mortar.
d) Need to understand the "deeper dive" such that its clear what constitutes part of a master plan to expectation and not beyond.

i) Post Conference: A document is being produced that helps clarify what is considered to be master plan scope to be reviewed with Alan and Brian.


a) Schedule a meeting with Suzette, Darryl and Erin Inman on Ambulatory Strategy.

a) Send framework of 11/25 ESC deck to Alan and Brian for review by EOD 11/20.


a) ESC Meeting 11/25/2019

b) CORE Meeting 12/2/2019