Core Team Meeting 18


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Brian Brasser, Mike Romano, Patrick Mckown, Daniel Bacchiocchi



Donald Bellefeuille, Kim Way, Eileen Trimbach, Chris Vishey, Nicco Bracco, Paula Buick



Lindsley Withey




Meeting Notes

MEETING GOAL: This meeting intends to be a focused Core Team meeting to cover overview and updates on master planning activities to help inform the Core Team Spectrum Health leadership. The planning team will address any questions and recommendations by SHS Core leadehip . The format of today and tomorrow's Core onsite

dialogues is an executive summary format with graphics to help illustrate and support discussions.


NOTE: The planning team has completed analysis based on current data and has formulated recommendations. Some activation projects stemming from the master

plan (ie.: NICU options, detailed Hotel options, Research/Education Building, etc.) are not part of this discussion.




Ambulatory Care


Recommendation is to consolidate and best utilization of current space


Future volumes and financial viability is currently being confirmed


Varios regions are still in progress




Acute Care


Currently there is not enough relationship between the regions and Butterworth Hospital.


Future state recommends various regions to consolidate, close some regions and re-patriate patients (keep care local) .


Downtown Grand Rapids:


Blodgett is being studied as an extension of Butterworth Hospital and has opportunity to grow heavily in ICU service line.


Planning team to call out ICU gap in slides and emphasize color coding in a more visible location within the slide.






Telehealth support needs to be about 25% before it could affect physical facility (ie.: brick and mortar).


Current challenge to telehealth in the regions is broadband deficiency.


Ways that system facility footprint will support telehealth:


Centralized Telehealth within the facility


Potential alignment with Command Center project.


Some areas that may be affected by Telehealth include the Emergency Department, Ambulatory Service and Imaging.


Strong transitional demand for Telehealth may be about 10 years away as the percentage mix of babyboomers vs milennials begins to narrow.


For the purpose of the master plan, the planning team was asked to address flexibility of face to face encounters vs. telehealth.


Note: ICC’s flexibility to accommodate telehealth will be addressed by the organization during the Ambulatory Care Workshop currently scheduled for 1/10/2020.




Rehab and Nursing Center


Recommendations include: a) Replacement of Fuller, b) Close Kelsey, c...