Core Team Meeting 19


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Brian Brasser, Mike Romano, Patrick Mckown, Daniel Bacchiocchi



Kim Way, Eileen Trimbach, Chris Vishey, Nicco Bracco, Paula Buick



Lindsley Withey




Meeting Notes


This meeting intends to be a focused Core Team meeting to cover overview and updates on master planning activities to help inform the Core Team Spectrum Health leadership. The planning team will address any questions and recommendations by SHS Core leadehip . The format of 12/18 and 12/19 Core on-site dialogues will be in an

executive summary format with graphics to help illustrate and support discussions.


NOTE: The planning team has completed analysis based on current data and has formulated recommendations. Some activation projects stemming from the master plan

and/or other projects that are already in flight (ie.: NICU options, detailed Hotel options, Research/Education Building, etc.) are not part of this discussion.




Due to limited time availability, today's onsite core meeting discussion will focus on Grand Rapids Market.




Grand Rapids Market:


The planning team presented typical project sheets that will be created on the various facility projects for the Grand Rapids market. As we move forward, the planning team is

encouraged to explain the backup data work on the projects prior to presenting the projects.




Ambulatory Surgery Center and Clinics


240,000 GSF


Consider these to decide what service lines need to be here, as we begin to talk to Dyads: 1) Patient experience, 2) Access to diagnostics, 3) Patient safety, 4) Hospital

based services, 5) Access to diagnostics


ASC Locations discussions:


Benefits of a downtown location:


a) Physician can be close to the patient and ability to schedule outpatient in between inpatient service


b) Directly connected to inpatient platform


c) Service efficientcy that helps decant the existing OR’s


d) Physician efficiency


e) Lower cost setting vs a inpatient setting


Residency program and hotel amenity is being studied as potential viable options to be developed above the ASC structure.


Building 221:


a) Connectivity benefits as it is in good alignment with OR platform.


b) First floor is being studied as a vibrant retail based use.




Clinical Support Building


A list of various departments are being consolidated in this building.




Education Research/Simulation/Precision Medicine bldg


This building is currently in flight and in pre-planning stage. A meeting is scheduled for today with Paula Schuiteman-Bishop and Chris Cham...