Core Team Meeting 20


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Brian Brasser, Mike Romano, Patrick Mckown, Daniel Bacchiocchi



Kim Way, Eileen Trimbach, Nicco Bracco, Paula Buick. Ryan Hullinger



Lindsley Withey, Kaitlin Wolcott, Sushil Bose




Meeting Notes


MEETING GOAL: This meeting intends to review master plan projects in regions, review ambulatory strategy and discuss 1/22/2020 ESC meeting agenda. The planning team will

address any questions and recommendations by SHS Core leadership as discussed during this meeting.


Reviewed ambulatory locations strategy in the various regions based on consolidations strategies as identified by the data analysis. Reviewed various markets FCA COSTS

(Facility Conditions Assessment avoidable costs).


Big Rapids


a. Project priorities have been identified based on regions prioritizations


i. Build multi-disciplinary ICC NEAR 131


ii. Reconfigure 650 Linden for specialty clinics


iii. Renovate Endoscopy to interventional radiology and improve OR platform for patient flow


iv. Med/Surg ICU Diagnostics/imaging renovations


v. Support space consolidation and demo of 1926 Building


a1. Organize project project as follows: Project ii. (2 in PPT) becomes i. (1 in PPT) and Project ii (2) becomes ib (1b)


b. These project priorities intend to maximize floor plate capacity, once filled explore expansion for outgrowth into an ICC.


c. Options for ICC are near Rt 131 or within the hospital campus.


d.  Real Estate Strategy consists of demolishing existing facilities as a result of consolidation and develop additional parking to support a consolidated campus.  Building  650 could potentially create a barrier to a consolidated campus. An opportunity to acquire the street would help unify the campus and also provides helipad access.


Reed City


a. Reviewed Ambulatory locations based on consolidation strategies.


b. Consolidate with the following master plan initiatives


i. Renovate ED to and ED/Obs/Flex unit


ii. Reconfigure clinics in the hospital to consolidate off site clinics


iii. Renovate rehab and nursing center


Greenville/United Hospital




a. Reviewed priority acquisitions that aid access to campus creating opportunistic campus expansion and create optimal locations for ambulatory facility development.


b. Ambulatory recommendation is to build new Multidisciplinary Ambulatory Center/ICC near existing campus between Carson City Rd. and Oak St. to consolidate

primary care and specialty care clinics


c. Eliminate location (111) identified in the map as this is not a hospital owned property and it’s simply an agreement with schools for a helipad location.


d. Consolidate with the following master plan ini...