Core Team Meeting 21


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Brian Brasser



Eileen Trimbach, Nicco Bracco



Lindsley Withey, Kaitlin Wolcott, Sushil Bose




Meeting Notes

MEETING GOAL: This meeting focus was to review the outcome of the ESC meeting on 1/22/2020 and review and edit meeting notes and action items for final publication to

ESC. The planning team will address any questions and recommendations by SHS Core leadership as discussed during this meeting.







a. Preamble with regionals meetings and ask what to tweek/adjust to master plan.

b. Give visibility to change management.

c. Verbalize how the deferred maintenance projects are aligning with the master plan.


a. Meet with regionals to confirm adjustments to the master plan.

MARCH 2020:

a. Produce master plan.

3. Continue to build on the document that went to the ESC. This document is being used to schedule future meetings.

1. Workplan updates:


a) Schedule is on track.



2. Priorities


a) Matthew Cox has requested the planning team provide priorities in reference to in flight "just do it" projects such as: Residency Clinics, Parking, Ambulatory Building, Ambulatory Surgery

Center, Hotel,etc.


b) Darryl emphasized the importance of enabling medical center projects, parking and Big Rapids clinic.


c) Gwen emphasized that "in-flight" projects must be well aligned with the master plan, as these are all critical to the organization's success. Butterworth is on diversion too often, and are concerned about capacity next flu season. Need to pioritize Meijer Heart 8th floor. Need space for the doctors. All of the hospitals all need to be able to generate revenue while changes occur.


d) Planning team is to properly evaluate right sizing of buildings to avoid unnecessary over-build and extraneous costs.


e) Financing is not an issue, however, there is concern regarding capacity of construction industry trades within the regional market to support build out of the master plan in addition to internal

capacity within the organization to manage multiple projects simultanously.



3. Medical Center


a) Need to have private beds in medical center because this is a major component of being a patient centric organization and delivering a great experience.


b) There is concern of surgeons pushing back on Ambulatory Surgery Center and inpatient surgery split. Need to further engage with the physicians if separate block time is expected.


c) There is concern about location and cost of NICU if West building is demolished. Planning team will provide a slide for talking points on this subject.