Core Team Meeting 23


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Brian Brasser



Eileen Trimbach, Nicco Bracco, Kim Way



Mike Romano




Meeting Notes

MEETING GOAL: Review the upcoming 2/19 ESC meeting Power Point and edit as needed. The planning team will address any questions and recommendations by SHS Core

leadership as discussed during this meeting.


Review of 2/19/2020 ESC PPT:

A. Comments on ESC Agenda:

i. Agenda includes review of 3 scenarios. Planning team will be ready to review and be able to answer questions the ESC has to help them gain confidence once this

goes to the board.

ii. Medical mile is part of agenda, however maybe 20 minutes is too long to focus on validation for just this site. Referencing and discussing next steps may be

sufficient. Planning team will review content of this part of the agenda to make it more efficient and shorter.

iii. The majority of the ESC meeting should be focused on scenarios.

B. Scenarios – slide 3

i. Review the aggressiveness – some of the scenarios may represent too much aggressiveness and need further review by the planning team.

ii. SHS looking at portfolio slightly differently and need to begin to mobilize before the business plan is completed activating domino moves faster to help accelerate

the work. Consider further discussions on this and balance with scenarios.

iii. Planning team is developing scenarios further and will share with the core team to review. Will need time for quality control for slides.

iv. Planning team is anticipating Q/A and will curate enough material to respond.

C. Slide 4

i. Different way of approaching planning implementations such as bundling like projects.

ii. Project delivery approach that could help streamline execution may help effectiveness in cost perspective and efficiency of delivery.

iii. Slide is wordy and needs streamlining.

iv. Graphics could help represent the idea.

D. Slide 5

i. Place holder for scenarios summaries

ii. Show graphically how the monies are spreadout

iii. Walk through it and lead to interactive engagement

iv. Have backup plan.

E. Slide 9 - Next Steps

i. Consider March ESC meeting to inform and include Board approval as an action item with intention to roll it out in June 2020.

a. December 2019 presentation to Matt was used to present the master plan.

ii. Community engagement

a. Brian/Alan meeting with Communications Director.

b. It will likely happen after board approval and not before the ESC meeting on 2/19.

F. PPT Next Steps:

i. Review intended progression of meeting.

ii. Review what effective graphics need to be posted on wall.

iii. ESC needs clear vision of master plan execution schedule. Planning team to provide clarity on the following;

a. Moderate speed of schedule

1. 3 year look ahead

2. 18 months look ahead

3. How these fit within the overall master p...