Core Team Meeting 25


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Brian Brasser



Eileen Trimbach, Nicco Bracco, Kim Way, Donald Bellefeuille



Kaitlin Wolcott, Mike Romano




Meeting Notes

MEETING GOAL: Review action items from 2/20 core meeting. The planning team will address any questions and recommendations by SHS Core leadership as discussed during

this meeting.


Executive Summary Status. Donald will provide a draft for review.

a) Post Conference: Donald provided a draft to Alan on 3/4.


Community engagement:

a) This is a Q/A input session with the community.

b) Includes community partners within the medical core (GR Community College, City of Grand Rapids, Heritage Hill representatives, Belknap Lookout, Ferris State,

VanAndel Institute, etc.)

c) Kim Way and Ryan Hullinger have been requested to moderate the community Q/A session.

d) Tentatively scheduled for 4/15 - 4/16.

e) There is no need for the design team to develop material to present.

f) SHS Communications will be engaged for this effort.

g) This is the first time this collective group is together for this purpose.


Roadmap acceleration:

a) Nicolas Bracco is currently updating cost model.

b) It was noted that it seems like its going back to aggressive cost model.


Projects in-flight:

a) There is a comprehensive list being compiled to be incorporated into the implementation plan. Alan will forward comprehensive list to Nico, Donald and Kim.

b) Priority Health master plan will be added to projects in-flight.


Add land purchase to cost model. Alan is developing and will be sending week of 3/2 with dollar values included.

a) Include 2020 purchases (CTI, Fuller, West Pavillion).


Executive Meeting Update:

a) Nex ESC meeting is being re-scheduled from 3/25 to week of 4/13.

b) Draft ESC deck was reviewed by Donald. It includes items such as:

i. Advanced Planning Strategy (background, implementation, activities, structure, progress to date, etc.)

c) Meeting Goal : Approve advanced planning strategy and final medical mile scenario.

ii. The main message is that executives have been heard and there is a road map.

i) The topics should not be lenghty but focus on what does it mean to the executives, such as: how will it be applied to regionals, alignment with business plans,

upcoming rapid fire projects.


Status on ASC:

a) Discussions:

i. Need to consider connectivity for ASC option on the new ICU tower.

ii. Option across the street has a perception of being too far away.

iii. If organization is willing to wait, the option on the south side of Michigan is a better option, however, across the street is a faster option.

iv. Maing goal for either option is to reduce the cost of care for the organization

v. An ASC is needed based on volumes. However, need more clarity for recommendation.

vi. ASC onsite ne...