Core Team Meeting 6


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Sean Easter



Donald Bellefeuille, Sarah Mueller, Eileen Trimbach, Kim Way, Kaitlin, Mike Romano



Lindsley Withey, Sushil Bose



Meeting Notes

Ranking Guiding principles will be focused on 1 to 5.  Principles 6 and 7 are outcomes.  Principle 8 it’s a given and could be an opportunity statement outcome instead.  Donald to send ranking averages to team.

Executive 1:1 interviews are in progress and need to develop a chart to express affinities of interview results.  Sushil and Kaitlin will develop the Exec Interviews affinities chart. 

Alan/Sean meetings needed during week of 8/5:  1)  Discuss real estate strategy, ICC, hospitality, utilization, talk through what team has seen on regionals, assets, report out, etc.  Will bring the right Spectrum people as needed.  2)  A meeting focused on the various campus studies dialog will be scheduled and & Beds, dig into what has already
been done. No agenda. Just deeper
familiarity for the team.

Executive meeting has been moved to the week of 8/26.   Planning team has requested either one of these dates for Executive Meeting: 8/28 or 8/29.

Workplan has been adjusted for activities in Phase 1b and 1c to catch up with the revised touring weeks.  Refer to attachment.

NEXT STEPS:  Site/facilities visits continue week of 7/29,  week of 8/5 review various strategy plans and report out on site/facilities visits and overflow site/visits.

NEXT MEETING:   Tuesday August 6.  (NOTE: 7/30 Core Team Meeting is cancelled due to site/facilities visits)