Core Team Meeting 8


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Sean Easter, Brian Brasser



Donald Bellefeuille, Paula Buick, Nicco Bracco, Sarah Mueller, Eileen Trimbach



Sushil Bose



Meeting Notes

Refine Executive PPT and review next Tuesday 8/20.  Forward final PPT to Executive Committee Friday 8/23 by noon in anticipation of the Executive meeting on 8/28.  

Comments on Executive Committee meeting PPT:  1) Meeting Goals: Provide specific meeting goals, decisions needed for next weeks work, repeat slide at the end to confirm goals were achieved.  2) Bed Needs Scenario: Navigant developing additional bed needs assumptions beyond the original Freeman White Study to be considered for modeling exercise, 3) Facility Master Plan Drivers: Combine slides #14 and #15 and include a few slides (sneak peak) on site cards sample and metrics.

Cost Model:  Need organization input on how the planning team builds the cost model.  Sean Easter and Brad Priest will collaborate with planning team on cost model details.

The flow of the Executive Committee meeting: 1) Indicate where are we today, 2) Articulate today's meeting goals,  3) Confirm meeting goals were achieved at the end of the meeting & 4) Provide a look ahead based on the workplan.

Data request status has been updated and uploaded to ShareFile.  

Executive meetings through 2019 have been scheduled as follows:  8/28, 9/23, 10/25, 11/15 and 12/19.  

Alan to add Business Case and Future State Summaries to the Executive bi-weekly status report and forward to Executive Committee.  

NEXT STEPS:  Review Executive Committee PPT on 8/20.  Forward the PPT to Alan on Friday EOD.

NEXT MEETING:   Tuesday August 20