Core Team Meeting 9


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Sean Easter, Brian Brasser



Donald Bellefeuille, Paula Buick, Eileen Trimbach, Kim Way



Sushil Bose, Lindsley Withey, Kaitlin Wolcott



Meeting Notes

PPT for Executive Steering Committee was reviewed. 1) Streamline slides to about 10‐14 slides total, the rest will become part of an Appendix , 2) Work plan discussions limited to: a) on
track? b) at risk? c) how to get back on track, 3) Market Share/ALOS with inclusion of age influence in addition to service lines is acceptable, 4) Show metrics for Kelsey and Zeeland as good
examples of opposite extremes. Issue revised PPT with today's recommended revisions to Alan tomorrow (8/21) EOD.

Website in progress. Website will be reviewed with Alan/Sean/Brian and subsequentially with Spectrum communications representatives prior to rolling out to the Executive Steering Committee.

Alan and Sean to provide the planning team with complete information/list of current projects impacting master plan.

Master plan to inform Real Estate decisions: Real estate strategy, lease vs purchase, expansions, optimization of retail alley for visitor/patient human experience/revenue. Schedule a 2 hr
session next week 8/26 (Alan, Kim, Nicolas, Sean).

Planning team needs site plans and property boundaries. NBBJ issued a list of items needed that may require surveying services. Spectrum Health to confirm securing a surveyor as soon as
possible. Schedule 1 hr sessions next week 8/26 with each Facility Manager for each regional hospital (Alan, Sean, Kim, Tyler, Alex).

An organizational goal is to bring staff offsite parking back to Butterworth campus. Schedule a Butterworth Parking Strategy 2 hr session for next week 8/26 (Alan, Kim, Sean, Kevin Judd).

Workplan on task for Facilities analysis. Risk: Current contractual details delaying data to Navigant. Anticipate final resolution in the next few days.

NEXT STEPS: Issue revised PPT tomorrow 8/21 to Alan EOD, Schedule the various meetings discussed today for next week while team is in town.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday August 27