Final Report



Final System Master Plan




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A. Cost Model

E. Regional Hospitals Right Sizing Study

I. Primary Care

B. Detailed Recommendations

F. Medical Mile Site Analyses

J. Imaging

C. Facility Inventory Report

G. Proformas By Consumer Market

K. Post Acute Care

D. Grand Rapids Downtown Zoning & Ownership

H. Inpatient Bed Modeling



Supplemental Information

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V. Ambulatory Care Models & Example Spaces

II. Post Acute Care

VII. Loma Linda Team Space Examples

VI. NYU Langone Team Space Examples

IV. Retailization In Ambulatory Care

III. Capacity Command Centers

I. Telemedicine



Existing Conditions

Each module shows existing conditions and space challenges.

Medical Mile

Cook Institute View 1

Cul-de-sac Dead End

ED Entrance

Retail Alley Entrance

Main Entrance Congestion

Cook Institue View 2

Crescent Park

Loading Dock

Retail Alley Choke Point View 1

Main Entrance & Retail Alley