Executive Steering Meeting 1


221 Michigan, Ste 501, Conf Rm 5502


Executive Steering Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Sean Easter, Gwen Sandefur, Darryl Elmouchi, Daniel Bacchiocchi



Donald Bellefeuille, Paula Buick, Kim Way, Kaitlin, Mike Romano, Nico Bracco



Lindsley Withey, Kaitlin Wolcott




Meeting Notes


Executive Committee reviewed list of members. Question was asked about physician leadership, and determined will bring in guests as necessary. Decision was made to add Suzette
Hershman, SVP Delivery System Operations as she leads the major service lines and operations of the Medical Group.
System Master Plan Principles exercise: See "SMP Ranking" attachment for results.

Post Acute Discussion: A population health strategy is in place, but reimbursement models need to be considered. Focus on continuum of care to keep patients in-network. How can Grand Rapids be decompressed and regionals be better utilized? Only 30% of SNF patients stay within Spectrum facilities, however there is increased collaboration with Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. Consider the future implications of health plan (e.g. Priority Health shifting to more bundled payments).

Rural Hospital Discussion: How will telehealth impact our rural facilities? Ensure that Navigant / NBBJ plans can adjust for an uptick in telehealth visits. How does Spectrum's
expansion strategy play into our rural strategy? Account for Lansing, Traverse City and Kalamazoo scenarios.
Primary Care Provider Discussion: Where do our primary care physicians need to be (e.g. Grand rapids vs. affiliates)? What percent of PCPs does Spectrum want to "own" in each
market? What is the correct PCP: Specialist ratio? How may virtual visits and telehealth aggregators impact provider locations? Recruiting plans and needs must align with strategic

NEXT STEPS: 1) Follow-up with necessary leadership to dive deeper into the case study discussions. 2) Add "Transfer Center" to the Call Center section. 3) Prioritize NBBJ website
access 4) Create mechanism for feedback from Exec Team.
NEXT MEETING: Week of August 12, 2019
Models of Care: Dr. Darryl Elmouchi is the executive sponsor of care model transitions.