Core Team Meeting 7


648 Monroe 4th Floor Brass Works Building Suite 400


Core Team Meeting



Spectrum Health

Alan Kranzo, Sean Easter



Donald Bellefeuille, Paula Buick, Nicco Bracco, Sarah Mueller, Eileen Trimbach, Kim Way, Kaitlin Wolcott



Lindsley Withey, Sushil Bose



Meeting Notes

Executive meeting has been confirmed for 8/28.   Meeting Agenda will include:  1) Master Planning Principles (5 min.) 2) Interview Priorities and Site Vists Observations (20 min.), 3) Market and Utilization Assessment (20 min.), 4) Conclusion and Next Steps (5 min.)

If we need to compress the schedule due to late arrivals by executives, the intent is to remove the Master Planning Principles from the agenda, everything else remains as shown in item 1 above.


Paula Buick to gather list of interview priorities and forward to Alan for initial review (by 8/9) and ultimately to Exec Committee members by week of 8/12.  This will help them think through and shorten the discusssion during the Executive Committee meeting  

The Market and Utilizaton Assessment agenda item for the executive meeting will focus on methodology and priorities.

The executive meeting coinciding with end of Phase 1 for planning activities, will be scheduled to be a longer meeting (1 - 1/2 Hr - 2 Hr.)

Next week activities includes 2 executive interviews (Mark Schircop & Chad Tuttle).  Alan is also scheduling a Webex meeting with Strategy and Tom Wattles next week. 

Spectrum Health has requested parking strategy be part of the planning study.  Kim Way will identify consulting to be included for discussions on parking strategy.  

NEXT STEPS:  1) Forward the Interviews Affinities tool to Alan and Brian by 8/9, 2) Forward interview priorites to Alan and Brian for initial review by 8/9. 

NEXT MEETING:   Tuesday August 13